Virtual world (Metaverse) to simulate twins from the real world

simulating building process- digital twin

Wyzrs offer customized solutions for businesses seeking virtual space and architectural design including an open metaverse platform.

Our team meticulously analyzes client's requirements, delivering top notch 3D design outcomes that enable them to visualize and inhabit their desired spaces and architecture in virtual worlds.

Moreover, our virtual world simulations simulate the building process, providing a realistic preview for real-life construction. 

With our tailored solutions, you can explore, refine, and bring your vision to life with unparalleled precision and efficiency. 

using metaverse to connect real and virtual worlds

We provide tailored solutions for architectural 3D design modeling, automation, and optimization.

Wyzrs’ solutions encompass both the real world and virtual realms, bridging the two worlds through architecture. 

* Commissioned to provide interior concept design for an NFT Gallery in Daegu. We utilize Web 3.0 technology for gallery interior designing simulation, exhibition of NFTs and spatial modeling.

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